A ROCHA likes to welcome those who visit us. Providing information and demonstrations on some of our projects for the environment. But our care for the environment also leads us to minimise waste. As we always like to offer cake and a drink, we ask people to sign up so we know how many people will visit us each Thursday morning. Minimising waste is also a way of protecting the planet!


Visitors Morning

Every Thursday morning (10:00 to 12:30) our team opens the doors of our field study centre in Cruzinha, to welcome you and let you know about the work we do in Portugal and about what is being done in A ROCHA around the world.

To better understand what we do you will have a chance to see the demonstration of two scientific activities and a short presentation about our work.

10:00 – Demonstration on bird ringing
11:00 – Cake and coffee
11:15 – Demonstration on moth identification

Note: the moth identification and the bird ringing happen throughout the morning but an explanation of those activities will be given at the stated time.

For directions study this Google Maps. Bear in mind that it wrongly suggests no road on the last meters. Just turn right and then into our car park.