The year of 2012, also brought a renewal of the ARP policy team. After many years of excellent service as the President of the National Directorate of ARP, Mark Matthew was forced – by the lack of manifested professional conditions, to continue to follow closely the work of Directorate – leaving the post of President. A Rocha Portugal is deeply grateful to Marcos and his family, for all the work, dedication and effort devoted to ARP; their long years of friendship and cooperation will continue to be shared with the family of ARP.

This change was also an opportunity to renew the Board of ARP with the long desired entry of three newpeople – Connie Duarte, Ruben Helenus and Miguel Rodrigues. This makes us very happy and enthusiastic.

Therefore the National Directorate of ARP consists of a team of seven:

– President: Manuel Rainho (Degree in Philosophy; Advisor GBU and Professor at the Baptist Theological Seminary)

Executice Director: Tiago Branco (Doctor of Chemical Engineering)

– Conceição Almeida (Degree in Geology; Professor of Biology and Geology in the 3rd cycle)

– Patrícia Castro (Degree in Business Administration; Businesswoman)

– Connie Duarte (Degree in Intercultural Studies, MA – Managemane and Leadership, BA – Human Resources; a professor at the Baptist Theological Seminary)

– Ruben Heleno (Doctor of Biology; researcher at the University of Coimbra)

– Miguel Rodrigues (Doutor of Biochemistry; researcher at the Superior Technical Institute)