A Rocha Portugal’s involvement in the study, monitoring and conservation of the Ria de Alvor started back in the 1980’s. In response to the conviction that we must study and learn, to know how to take care of the gardens that God gave us, ARP has always been devoted mainly to scientific research, and to conservation and environmental education.

However, destruction of significant areas of sensitive and protected habitats has occurred since 2004 in the Ria de Alvor by the owners of Quinta da Rocha. Although protected by higher national environmental protection statutes the community challenged us to not only study but also engage in an active defense of truth; fighting the destruction that we considered to be just the result of greed and dishonesty. Therefore, in 2007 A Rocha decided to do something they had never done before: engage in a legal battle to restore the habitats destroyed.

The lengthy trial proceedings in the first instance were finally ended in the first half of 2012 in two historic sentences for the Portuguese environmental law; the Criminal Court of Portimão and the Administrative and Tax Court of Loulé, condemned the owners at Quinta da Rocha for their actions of destruction of species and habitats in the Ria de Alvor. These two verdicts, possible only by the grace of God, came also as to reward the quality and commitment of A Rocha in more than two decades of their conservation work. After 4 years of intense struggle in the courts and incessant work with the authorities and the media in defense of truth and justice, the local people have the right to enjoy one of the last and the most beautiful natural areas of the western Algarve

Follow the developments and news of this battle on the site dedicaded to the Ria de Alvor.