A ROCHA started 30 years ago and on October 19th we were together to celebrate. Amongst friends and partners we remembered the path we have done so far and we talked about what we still want to do.

The official ceremony of our 30th anniversary was in the morning. We welcomed friends, partners and local authorities. We were able to talk about what has been done in 30 years but also understand the opportunities that lie before us and can that work be done hand in hand.

In the afternoon we welcomed a wider groups of friends, a lot of them companions in this journey for years, others just recently involved in the mission of caring for creation. We were inspired with the stories we have heard and with the challenges set before us.

How are the next 30 years going to be? How are we going to continue this work? What other dreams are we going to have a chance to see come true? When are they going to happen? Well, today counts so let’s get to work!