Right now, A ROCHA has the support of five fantastic volunteers, three of whom came to us through the European Voluntary Service program. Esther Brouwer, from the Netherlands, studied forest management and nature conservation at Wageningen University. Here at A ROCHA, she is working on a project that brings together elements of the arts with environmental education. Tamás Judak, from Hungary, completed his secondary education and loves working with birds and photography. He is constructing a photographic inventory of A ROCHA’s flora and fauna. Veronika Salacz, also from Hungary, was trained in the Environmental Sciences and her project is focussed on organic farming.

The other two volunteers are working with us on an independent basis. Anna Armstrong, from the United Kingdom, is studying Portuguese and Spanish at university and decided to embrace this opportunity as a chance to develop her understanding of our language. Last but not least we have Jacint, another Hungarian, who was educated in the Social Sciences but helps us in all manner of ways, being a self-confessed ‘Jack of all trades’: a rare and much-appreciated attribute for a small community like ours.

It is worth drawing attention to the size of the Hungarian contingent, who have given us some wonderful moments through their culinary experiences.