We were invited by the organization EKOSKOP to participate in the ERASMUS + an European program. The Project “Turning Green Education” was thought to those working in environmental education, for those who concentrate their studies in ecology but also for those that include environmental education in its broadest educational work. The main objective was to broaden the knowledge of methods used in Environmental Education in the different European countries invited to participate.

The project consisted of a week of training during which, environmental educators from Poland, Hungary, Romania and Portugal had the opportunity to share their methods and knowledge. We also had the collaboration of The Magura National Park, which guided us on two tours to the mountains and prairies of the park and with also the collaboration of Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw, that led us in some laboratory sessions.

Some of the activities: “Night Creatures” – Identification of butterflies and nocturnal birds and bats. Identification of freshwater macroinvertebrates and water quality analysis. Hiking in mountain habitat and pradaria- Identification of reptiles, amphibians, mushrooms, plants, butterflies and insects in general, mammals and birds. Identification of seeds and footprints. Intercultural evening. The sounds of nature. Laboratory sessions and others.

This project was of utmost importance to us, by sharing methods and activities and the sharing of strengths and weaknesses of environmental education in the various participating countries.

For more information check: http://ekoskop.webd.pl/pl/