At the middle of July 2016, Quarter Mediation organized in Portugal a new Erasmus +. KA1 structured course with the aim to build the environmental awareness of the people involved in education and to empower the 19 participants from Bulgaria, Greece, Latvia and Romania with the relevant competencies and skills for making the teaching and learning process more attractive and motivating, organizing outdoor lessons, combining traditional teaching with experiential learning and organizing more student-centered activities. We used this opportunity to share with the participants, on 12th of July 2016, the good practice examples of educational activities organized by A Rocha and their feedback at the end of the visit was excellent: “I know now how to organize teaching and learning activities in the nature, both for the benefit of the human being and of the nature. Each of the workshops we have been involved in can improve children knowledge about a subject by combining the learning in the nature with the traditional learning in the classroom for better school results. I am able now to give children the joy of learning outdoor, in communion with nature which is the most important because they will learn and play in the same time.”

Our special thanks to Isabel, Paula and Marcial, the very professional and committed staff of A Rocha Portugal.