By the end of 2016 our faithful Opel Corsa, which had already been a very generous donation from Jorge and Cristina Cruz, died. After thousands of kilometres through the mountains and valleys of the Algarve, serving both our volunteers as our doctoral students Marcial and Paula, after many complaints and painful noises died quietly in our parking lot, from where it refused to leave. Until the end never left us on foot, not even on its last trip.

For almost two years we didn’t have a replacement because A ROCHA, as always, had no budget for a car. In June a couple from a local church returned for good to the United Kingdom and decided to offer their Renault Clio to the association, fully serviced and fixed. From there on has served faithfully and well. So it is only fair to say MUITO OBRIGADO to Rob and Jean. For A ROCHA, Christmas came in June!