A ROCHA and Friends of A ROCHA participated in the project “my beach” organized by the science center of Tavira. This project consists of monitoring 100 meters of beach, collecting marine trash and categorizing the items. The data will then be given to authorities that will incorporate the data into national and international analyses and studies on the presence of marine waste on the Portuguese and European coasts. It is intended to understand not only the rsource of this rubbish but also its seasonality. These monitoring actions follow the proposed and standardised methodology by the OSPAR commission (Convention for the protection of the marine environment of the North-East Atlantic), which is the current legislative instrument regulating international cooperation on environmental protection in the North-East Atlantic and of which Portugal is part 1992. One of the main objectives is monitoring of the entire Algarvian coast. A ROCHA chose the beach of Alvor and has already scheduled another 3 monitoring moments for spring, summer and autumn, always with the participation of Friends of A ROCHA.