34 years of receiving volunteers

For the last 34 years A Rocha has been receiving volunteers from all continents, from many different cultures, backgrounds and ages. Many have returned and tell us how important their experience was, and how they missed the people and A Rocha life. For us, many hold a special place in our memories for the way they contributed their gifts, skills and knowledge. For non-profit organisations like ours, it would be difficult to function properly without the help and dedication of volunteers. Our work and

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A BIG THANK YOU to Rob and Jean Hardie

By the end of 2016 our faithful Opel Corsa, which had already been a very generous donation from Jorge and Cristina Cruz, died. After thousands of kilometres through the mountains and valleys of the Algarve, serving both our volunteers as our doctoral students Marcial and Paula, after many complaints and painful noises died quietly in our parking lot, from where it refused to leave. Until the end never left us on foot, not even on its last trip. For almost two years we didn't

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Holidays at Cruzinha

Holidays!!! Finally here's the heat and the promise of holidays. But you have not booked yet where to go? AI!!! It’s already a bit late, but nothing that's not normal for our family. Luckily we have good news for you: A ROCHA Portugal, with its renovated double and twin rooms with private bathroom, still has some openings. In the countryside, in a protected and quiet area, but simultaneously near the beaches of Alvor or Meia-praia. With a

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Post for Volunteer Cook

A ROCHA Portugal is looking for a suitable volunteer for a cooking post. If you are interested do read further.

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Cruzinha as a field station for students

We are promoting Cruzinha as a field station for students, interns and volunteers to do research and field work in Ria de Alvor and other nature areas in the Algarve. We are also inviting students to work on our database and to help us with our ongoing monitoring schemes. Click here for all opportunities and information.

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Waiting for you on our Open Day

Did you know that we have a day with a specific programme so you can visit our centre? Every Thursday mornings our team opens the doors of our field study centre in Cruzinha, to welcome you and let you know about the work we do in Portugal and about what is being done in A ROCHA around the world. To better understand what we do you will have a chance to see the demonstration of two scientific activities and a short presentation about our

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One year volunteering at A ROCHA

Goedendag! My name is Esther Brouwer and I live in the Netherlands. After my study Forest and Nature conservation I stayed with a Rocha Portugal for one year. I came to Cruzinha to get some work experience, but found so much more. This place is filled with wonderful people and I care a lot for all of them. I got the opportunity to do many exciting things. During winter I assisted in the research on the effect of land-use shifts on the bird population

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Discover A Rocha Portugal’s laid-back birding holidays

Have you stayed at Cruzinha, our field study centre in the Algarve? If not, our new video will maybe tempt you to book a holiday with us. If you have visited already, let Marcial and Gui tell you about their new, laid-back birding holidays, an alternative to their more energetic trips for birdwatchers. Discover A Rocha Portugal’s laid-back birding holidays from A Rocha International on Vimeo.

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New volunteers in the Centre

Right now, A ROCHA has the support of five fantastic volunteers, three of whom came to us through the European Voluntary Service program. Esther Brouwer, from the Netherlands, studied forest management and nature conservation at Wageningen University. Here at A ROCHA, she is working on a project that brings together elements of the arts with environmental education. Tamás Judak, from Hungary, completed his secondary education and loves working with birds and photography. He is constructing a photographic inventory of A ROCHA’s flora and fauna.

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After renovation

This year we were able to invest in the refurbishment of our facilities, thanks to a generous donation. We could finally stage an intervention in parts of the building that have long been in sore need of repair or improvement. The exterior of the house needed some work for a very long time. The walls were not insulated and let in the damp during the winter, which also caused lower indoor temperatures making us use the heating more and more frequently. During the renovations

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