Pollinator Week

“Discovering Pollinators” is one of A Rocha’s most recent projects with the goal of raising awareness among the educational community and the community in general about the importance of pollinators in biodiversity and the balance of ecosystems. Threats to pollinators are well documented and are one of the main problems of natural systems and agricultural systems. Most of them are the result of habitat loss and fragmentation, intensive agriculture (particularly through the use of fertilizers and pesticides), and climate change. A Rocha intends to include

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Plastic Free February

A Rocha Portugal, in partnership with A Rocha Netherlands, A Rocha Uganda and A Rocha South Africa, will promote the "Plastic Free February" project that aims to reduce plastic, especially single-use-plastic, in our daily lives, in churches, workplaces and in our homes. The goal is not only to reduce the amount of plastic we use, but also to share both the difficulties and the solutions found to solve them, whilst reducing. These may be sent to us as written articles, or short videos, that we will share on

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34 years of receiving volunteers

For the last 34 years A Rocha has been receiving volunteers from all continents, from many different cultures, backgrounds and ages. Many have returned and tell us how important their experience was, and how they missed the people and A Rocha life. For us, many hold a special place in our memories for the way they contributed their gifts, skills and knowledge. For non-profit organisations like ours, it would be difficult to function properly without the help and dedication of volunteers. Our work and

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My beach

A ROCHA and Friends of A ROCHA participated in the project "my beach" organized by the science center of Tavira. This project consists of monitoring 100 meters of beach, collecting marine trash and categorizing the items. The data will then be given to authorities that will incorporate the data into national and international analyses and studies on the presence of marine waste on the Portuguese and European coasts. It is intended to understand not only the rsource of this rubbish but also its seasonality.

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A ROCHA is involved in developing entrepreneurial education

This year A ROCHA became part of the Erasmus+ project “Enhanced ENTREpreneurial attitude in adult education for a better LABour market integration” (2018-1-SE01-KA204-039048). In order to reduce unemployment, entrepreneurial education is considered a key factor for competitiveness and employment, social inclusion and personal development. In order to adapt to this need, a new type of attitude, initiative and responsibility are required. The valorisation of entrepreneurial attitude will improve traditional education, preparing people for life and offering the opportunities to adult people to find their

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In memoriam of Rosário de Sá Pereira

Rosary Sá Pereira, she was known as Rosarinho amongst her friends, was not only the first Portuguese team member of A Rocha Portugal but also the first Coordinator of the Environmental Education program we provide for 27 years now. With her knowledge of marine biology, she pioneered, leading the activities undertaken with schools and the local community. She was an excellent professional, a pastoral person, available to listen, to advise or just to share silence. A faithful friend, with a very particular sense of

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A ROCHA received a certificate of merit

On October 1st, A Rocha received a certificate of merit from the Portuguese Environmental Agency (APA) under the direction of Dr. Francisco Teixeira, director of the Department of Communication and Environmental Citizenship of the APA / Lisbon. A Rocha received the certificate for our contribution to the Environmental Volunteering for Water Project during 2018. In addition to the certificate of merit, A Rocha was also awarded the designation of "Ambassador" partner for our collaboration since the beginning of the project, recognition that makes us

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The Comic Volunteers

Over the years A ROCHA has received volunteers from the Erasmus+ Program, in particular the European Voluntary Service. This year we have two more volunteers to work on the microplastics  project. A ROCHA Portugal has found the two most European volunteers who came to collect data on microplastics here in the Algarve, specifically in the Ria de Alvor. Two guys with a huge heart and a contagious good mood. This was the possible interview to present our "unlikely heroes"... Left: Arjan van Vuuren (also

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Environmental Education Week

Monitoring Microplastic in Ria de Alvor   «  What planet are we leaving to our children, and what children are we leaving to our planet »    In collaboration with ARH-Algarve we are celebrating the environmental education week « SEMANA DA EDUCAÇÃO E INICIATIVAS DE VOLUNTARIADO  AMBIENTAL » welcoming English speaking people to be part in monitoring micorplastics in Ria de Alvor on the 24th and 27th of October from 10 :00 to 12 :00. Meeting point is at the Ria de Alvor estuary (37.132384 -8.611990 or 37°07'56.5"N 8°36'43.0"W).

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Environmental Education in 2016

In the year of the 25th anniversary of the environmental education program we reached 2,186 students, teachers and the general public, we conducted a training program for kindergarten teachers of the municipalities of Lagos, Vila do Bispo and Aljezur, Lagoa, we carried out activities for the Scientific Summer Program, we collaborated with the Algarve Water Authority on coastal water quality monitoring, visited schools and kindergartens of Portimão and Lagos, offered three new activities on Thursdays, we have had projects with nine partners and received

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