Another amazing visit and outdoor experience at A Rocha, Portugal

At the middle of July 2016, Quarter Mediation organized in Portugal a new Erasmus +. KA1 structured course with the aim to build the environmental awareness of the people involved in education and to empower the 19 participants from Bulgaria, Greece, Latvia and Romania with the relevant competencies and skills for making the teaching and learning process more attractive and motivating, organizing outdoor lessons, combining traditional teaching with experiential learning and organizing more student-centered activities. We used this opportunity to share with the participants, on

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Waiting for you on our Open Day

Did you know that we have a day with a specific programme so you can visit our centre? Every Thursday mornings our team opens the doors of our field study centre in Cruzinha, to welcome you and let you know about the work we do in Portugal and about what is being done in A ROCHA around the world. To better understand what we do you will have a chance to see the demonstration of two scientific activities and a short presentation about our

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Turning Green Education Project

We were invited by the organization EKOSKOP to participate in the ERASMUS + an European program. The Project "Turning Green Education" was thought to those working in environmental education, for those who concentrate their studies in ecology but also for those that include environmental education in its broadest educational work. The main objective was to broaden the knowledge of methods used in Environmental Education in the different European countries invited to participate. The project consisted of a week of training during which, environmental educators

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International Human Rights Day

A Rocha was invited by Secondary School Júlio Dantas to attend celebrations of the international day of human rights. We presented a small lecture on environmental volunteering, the European Voluntary Service and the experience of volunteering A Rocha. In the final part of the presentation three EVS volunteers spoke: Olga Mikhaleva (Russian), Hannah Roberts (English) and Lieske De Wilde (Dutch). They had the opportunity to share their experiences with students of the 9th, 10th and 11th years (aged 14-16). Hannah Roberts: "I found it

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