Creation Care

As most know A ROCHA has as characteristics of its identity the Christian motivation and a position of cooperation with other individuals or entities that share with us the nature conservation concerns. For several years A ROCHA, through its international team, has been in forums reminding Christians of the responsibility for caring for the environment as part of our citizenship and Christian Discipleship. This time in cooperation with the European Evangelical Alliance and the Lausanne movement A ROCHA co-organizes the European Conference

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eKlogia – The making of a dream

From the outset, eKlogia was thought to serve the churches and Christian communities; to help them form partnerships with civil society and their local communities. However, more than awakening the love of Creation and the consciousness of being the key agents for a change of environmental ethics, we have sought to make the necessary tools available to the communities and families, for implementing sustainable measures in their churches. Across the four various Algarvian cities we had the pleasure of dealing and talking with members

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