New scientific paper on the Alvor estuary

Scientific research has always been an essential part of A Rocha’s community conservation programmes. For this reason we are happy to announce the publication of a case study on the Ria de Alvor in the journal ‘Ocean and Coastal Management’. Because Ria de Alvor is a small estuary, it is sensitive to small environmental disturbances that can result in dramatic consequences both for its habitats and those who depend on it, from birds and plants to fishermen and shellfish gatherers. But if its size

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Cruzinha as a field station for students

We are promoting Cruzinha as a field station for students, interns and volunteers to do research and field work in Ria de Alvor and other nature areas in the Algarve. We are also inviting students to work on our database and to help us with our ongoing monitoring schemes. Click here for all opportunities and information.

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New reports and a guide about moths

Two new reports are published about the moth monitoring in Ria de Alvor and the garden of Cruzinha in 2014 and 2015, one in English and one in Portuguese. We have also uploaded the Moth photo guide that we have published before. This guide includes the macro moths in the Algarve and might help you to identify the moths you find around you! You can find them here.

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ANHER Project progress

A ROCHA Portugal attended the third project meeting in Edinburgh of the project ANHER (Erasmus+ 2014-1-PL-KA202-003565), in which we are involved together with five other European partners. The goal of this project is to combine natural and cultural heritage in the work field. Nature and cultural professionals work in the same landscape, but often they are not working together. In order to increase mutual understanding, this project will develop an online course on the integration of natural and cultural heritage. In this project, A

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Active otters in Ria de Alvor

Today is International Otter Awareness Day and it seems a good opportunity to share some of our work with otters in the south of Portugal! The otter plays an important role in ecosystems as is it at the top of the food chain, but it is endangered in many countries. This year, for the first time, A ROCHA Portugal conducted a study about the presence of the Eurasian otter Lutra lutra in Ria de Alvor. We found many signs of their presence all over

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New results in moths monitoring

In 2014 we started a new project of monitoring moths with the goal of knowing the richness and abundance of species in the different habitats of the Ria de Alvor Natura 2000 site and of publishing the results of acquired data and research. Six sites were selected in the main habitats of this area: dunes, marshes and agricultural fields, two sites in each habitat. Each site was monitored once a month with a moth trap type ‘Heat Trap’, which has an UV-lamp. A total

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Natura 2000 Day

Today we celebrate Nature 2000 Day. It is thanks to this network of protected sites all over Europe that Ria de Alvor has a level of protection that allows us to fight further for its conservation. In Ria de Alvor, besides several protected habitats, there are also species of flora - Limonium lanceolatum, Linaria algarviana, Thymus camphoratus - and fauna - Lutra lutra (otter), Mauremys caspica.

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Observatory Report 2011-2014 is now available

The most recent edition of our Observatory Report is now available. This report gives an overview of the research and field work undertaken in 2011-2014 by the team members and volunteers at Cruzinha, the field study centre of A ROCHA Portugal. Our long-term monitoring programs have continued. This report contains the ringing report of the last four years. Ringing was done at least once a week, and more times a week during migration periods. The Kentish plovers were monitored each year and the trends found are

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Integrate archaeological and natural heritages

A ROCHA Portugal is involved on the transnational EU Erasmus+ project ANHER (2014-1-PL-KA202-003565), in partnership with the Adam Mickiewicz University of Pozna?, the University of Amsterdam, Landward Research Ltd and the organisations Aranzadi and InEuropa. The project focuses on the integration of archaeological and the natural heritage. The aim is that professionals in both domains understand the influence of natural heritage on archaeological heritage and vice versa. This project will result in didactic material, in amongst others English and Portuguese. The project started in

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Waiting for you on our Open Day

Did you know that we have a day with a specific programme so you can visit our centre? Every Thursday mornings our team opens the doors of our field study centre in Cruzinha, to welcome you and let you know about the work we do in Portugal and about what is being done in A ROCHA around the world. To better understand what we do you will have a chance to see the demonstration of two scientific activities and a short presentation about our

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