A volunteer from Slovenia

Last week we had our latest long term volunteer, Daša, sharing with us her life story. It's too good to keep just for ourselves so we decided to share her with you. Enjoy her! Hi! My name is Daša and I come from Slovenia. I've always loved animals, which is one of the reasons I chose to do my bachelor's in biology and later continue my master's in Ecology and Biology with Natural Science. At the moment, I'm finishing my master thesis on the European

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Meet Our Volunteers!

My name is Katya and I am from Russia. I was born in Siberia in Yakutsk. Last year I decided to move to Saint Petersburg, Russia to discover a new place and spend several months there. I’m a financer and worked in the investment and finance area for 2 years, but I wanted to try myself as a volunteer and be a part of an environmental project. I found an interesting A Rocha project about microplastics, which not only contained the study of the topical

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34 years of receiving volunteers

For the last 34 years A Rocha has been receiving volunteers from all continents, from many different cultures, backgrounds and ages. Many have returned and tell us how important their experience was, and how they missed the people and A Rocha life. For us, many hold a special place in our memories for the way they contributed their gifts, skills and knowledge. For non-profit organisations like ours, it would be difficult to function properly without the help and dedication of volunteers. Our work and

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The Comic Volunteers

Over the years A ROCHA has received volunteers from the Erasmus+ Program, in particular the European Voluntary Service. This year we have two more volunteers to work on the microplastics  project. A ROCHA Portugal has found the two most European volunteers who came to collect data on microplastics here in the Algarve, specifically in the Ria de Alvor. Two guys with a huge heart and a contagious good mood. This was the possible interview to present our "unlikely heroes"... Left: Arjan van Vuuren (also

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Environmental Education Week

Monitoring Microplastic in Ria de Alvor   «  What planet are we leaving to our children, and what children are we leaving to our planet »    In collaboration with ARH-Algarve we are celebrating the environmental education week « SEMANA DA EDUCAÇÃO E INICIATIVAS DE VOLUNTARIADO  AMBIENTAL » welcoming English speaking people to be part in monitoring micorplastics in Ria de Alvor on the 24th and 27th of October from 10 :00 to 12 :00. Meeting point is at the Ria de Alvor estuary (37.132384 -8.611990 or 37°07'56.5"N 8°36'43.0"W).

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Telheiro Beach Restoration

Telheiro Beach Restoration Remember the invitation to join us and work for the restoration of the cliffs of Praia do Telheiro (see news). As it was, the work of our team and others, summing up more than 30 people of various nationalities who worked for several days, competently directed by the Group Proteger o Telheiro and by Engr. Alberto Pietrogrande, is already producing results. In the top image you can see the state in which the cliff was

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Shall we help to recover the Telheiro Beach cliff?

  A ROCHA is pleased to join the Telheiro Beach Defence Group, from January 16th, to work on the recovery of this is very unstable cliff, as a result of wrong human action. The work consists above all on natural engineering work using native plants and seeds to correct inclination and prevent run off erosion. All this will help nature to speed up the recovery process. If you want to join simply fill in the form at this link.

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Post for Volunteer Cook

A ROCHA Portugal is looking for a suitable volunteer for a cooking post. If you are interested do read further.

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Cruzinha as a field station for students

We are promoting Cruzinha as a field station for students, interns and volunteers to do research and field work in Ria de Alvor and other nature areas in the Algarve. We are also inviting students to work on our database and to help us with our ongoing monitoring schemes. Click here for all opportunities and information.

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