When you think about how A ROCHA could contribute towards having a more sustainable environment in your community, you might want to start by considering how you can make a difference.

The development of local projects with the local group in Alcobaça is an example of what can be done by anyone who is available. It is more important to have your heart set on our mission and vision than having a lot of time available to do the work.

A guide for local action

1.  Start at home

It seems obvious, but when we don’t have much time available, we can make adjustments at home that can go a long way in reducing our impact on the environment and in helping us start to enjoy nature around us more fully. We can separate the rubbish, reduce water, electricity and gas consumption, spend less time in front of a screen and more time walking outdoors, enjoying the plants and animals that share the planet with us and maybe even learn more about them. We can give you some tips on how to do this.

2.  Improve locally

It is easy to find several opportunities to take part and involve our families, friends and neighbours in caring for the environment. Have you noticed water leaking in the street? Is there a public plot of land full of rubbish close to you? Have you noticed that an old and large tree close to you is at risk? Is there a problem with dog fouling in your local park?
You can contribute towards finding a solution to these and other situations. In doing so, you can make the area where you live or work more pleasant.

3.  Join others

In the society we live in, people tend to take care of themselves and it is uncommon to involve others in our lives. However, by opening the door a little we can make new friends with whom we can share common interests, such as protecting the environment. We can walk in the park with our neighbours, clean a forested area with our friends, have a picnic together or tell others how environmental situations can be reported to the authorities. These are not only ways of enjoying nature and contributing to its protection. They are also opportunities to do things together and start developing the community we belong to.

4.  Turn to the community

A great deal of work can be done when we involve our families or friends. However, have we realised that we meet people every day who have similar interests but still fail to integrate this into the way they live their lives? With a little boldness, we can help others join in the activities that we do, we can invite them to join us in taking nature walks or doing a task that makes our local community cleaner and more enjoyable. Why not promote an initiative among friends and ask them to promote it too? If it is not successful, you will have done an activity with friends and family. It it goes well, you will have included others and, who knows, you might want to start a local A ROCHA group!

5.  Receive support

Throughout the world, A ROCHA has many initiatives that started in a local area, involving friends and neighbours, and we really want to help people to have a local impact, to make a difference where they live and work. If you feel you need some guidance on how you can contribute and help others to become interested, we can support you. Please contact us!