Enjoy the experience, help out, find out and care

Volunteering is an opportunity to contribute selflessly, but still allows you to gain work experience that can be useful when applying for a job.

Here we welcome various types of volunteers, on short or medium terms, from a few days to a few weeks or even months. We host volunteers with different levels of training and capacity who are available to help us in performing tasks, from the most scientific or technical, such as preparing samples, bird ringing, monitoring species or data entry, to the most recurrent and simple, such as equipment and building maintenance and tasks in the kitchen.

Some projects are particularly in need of volunteers who live nearby whilst others can host volunteers from other countries. Several volunteers stay with us for longer, especially those on exchange programs run by the European Voluntary Service and other opportunities that offer some financial compensation.

A ROCHA has an increasing number of study centres around the world and all of them host visits. Some people use the centre as a base for their own field work, while others visit to find out more about our work.

Are you looking for a job? Most A ROCHA team members started off as volunteers. This is a good way of learning about us and working out where best you can work.

If you think your skills may be useful to the work we do, please contact us!

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