At the beginning of March 2014 we received the very sad news that our friend and supporter Dr. Penny Wolff had passed away. Penny knew beforehand that her life was coming to an end, but she still decided to invest in A ROCHA Portugal. She did it not only do it with a financial contribution but also with her time, her energy and her guidance. All her support has been an enormous encouragement for A ROCHA Portugal and in particular for the community at Cruzinha.

As a symbol of our thankfulness and a proof that her investments will produce long term fruits, we planted a tree in the garden of Cruzinha. The small tree, an avocado, was grown from seed, out of the insistence and the care of several volunteers and staff in a community effort.

In the same way we planted this tree, hoping to enjoy its fruits in a near future, so we hope that Penny´s investment in A ROCHA Portugal and ourselves will produce great fruits for science and conservation in Ria de Alvor. As we nurture and care for this little tree, we also hope to honour her investment in the same way.

Thank you!